A Crackin' Night of Comedy 20/03/19

A Crackin' Night of Comedy 20/03/19


A Cracking Night of Comedy // March 20th
Everything Good Goes // Tadcaster

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Come on down to Everything Good Goes, for an evening of big belly laughs with some of the comedy circuits top comedians

Your host for the evening is EGG Favourite, Jed Salisbury

With performances from Tom Taylor, Pete Phillipson and Scott Bennett


TOM TAYLOR is somewhat of a one-off phenomenon on the comedy circuit with a brand of musical comedy that is smart and silly in equal measure. His style is certainly unique and he reels off an impressive stock of quirky, and very funny, musical one-liners. “Immediately caught my eye” The Guardian

PETER PHILLIPSON: Originally from Lincolnshire, Manchester based Pete has been building a name for himself on the circuit as a fantastically funny act over the last few years, mixing fast paced observations and routines with wonderful characterisations.Pete is able to command an audience as well as he commands a variety of accents, wearing his comedy heart on his sleeve and leaving the audience in hysterics at his misfortunes and frustrations with the minutiae of everyday life

SCOTT BENNETT: Stylishly shirted, Yorkshire-born Scott Bennett delivers wry observations on the absurdity of modern living. His sharply-written routines, drawn from real-life experiences have been delighting audiences across the country; except in Yorkshire, where they are deeply suspicious of his shirts.

Strictly Over 18s.

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